Missile Wars

This is a fun game for both newcomers and skilled players. The players gets divided in two teams, team Red and team Green. You will slowly get Missiles (TNT Flying machines) into your inventory which you can place down. Your goal is to blow up the opponents teams portal.

All Drops:

A Tomahawk is a Medium missile that's really good to ride but pretty easy to disarm.

A Juggernaut is a Large missile. It's very easy to disarm but does very much damage.

A Sheild buster is a Large missile. It's pretty easy to disarm but it cuts right through shields.

A Guardian is a Small missile. Although it doesn't do much damage it's very hard to disarm.

A Lightning is a small missile. It does decent damage and is very fast. It's very hard to ride.

10 seconds after the Snowball is thrown it will spawn a Barrier that can block missiles.

A Fireball can be thrown at enemy missiles to disarm them. You can also throw it in the opponents portal to win the game if you have cleared out their shield.